TATTOO FILM Gel by Aloe Tattoo.

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ALOE TATTOO has created the new TATTOO FILM gel, with completely natural ingredients, which provides your client with rapid relief, reduces inflammation, prevents bleeding and provides hours of protection against rubbing against clothing and environmental contamination.

1. Wash the finished tattoo with water and TATTOO AFTERCARE CLEANSING FOAM.
2. Dry with tissue paper towels without rubbing.
3. Apply a generous amount of TATTOO FILM gel on the tattooed area and spread with a gentle massage until it is completely covered with a layer whose thickness will depend on the appearance of the skin of the new tattoo.
4. Wait between 10 and 15 minutes for it to dry and form the film.
5. Allow the product to act for between 2 and 12 hours and start daily care.
6. The film is easily removed with soap and water.