LUMINA Slim Lamp Flex XL. White.

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Weight 545 g / 1,2 lbs.
Light source Fixed built-in LED
Colour Black
Arm Length 63 cm / 25 inches
Power consumption 4,5 W
Colour temperature (kelvin) 5500 K
Lumens 290 lm
Light dimming Built in

Slim Lamp Flex XL, this handy Lamp  with its dimmable LED cool daylight.

It is easy to set up where ever you need some extra bright light.

Thanks to the integrated clamp, at the end of the sleek, cylindrical lamp head is a single button, both for turning the light ON and OFF, and for Dimming.

Fully Flexible Gooseneck that can be bent in multiple directions ensuring that the light can be positioned exactly where needed.

Slim Lamp Flex is powered by 5 volts via a USB cable.

It is not recommended to power the Slim Lamp Flex from a USB port on a computer, tablet etc., since this is likely to damage the computer's USB outlet.

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