HARDCRAFT CO. Nazari pattern Black/Brass footswitch + Clipcord.

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Handmade and laser engraved Nazari pattern Footswitch

Our brass footswitches are really sensitive and heavy duty but conveniently small for traveling!
Original art from the Alhambra in Granada (Andalucia, Spain). From the days muslims took part of our history and left so much beautiness in our culture.
The geometric compositions of Nasrid art are based on the concept of tessellation


Nazari Pattern Black/Brass Footswitch
Handmade Tattoo Tools

  • Laser Engraved on Brass
  • Handmade made one by one with effort and love.
  • Anti-slipery surface on the bottom.
  • High quality clipcord included.
  • Works with any clipcord
  • Sandpaper included
  • We recommend to sand OFTEN inside both plates to improve the operation as oxid and dirts usually come inside.
  • One year guarantee on product failure.