FK IRONS ONE Wireless Pen with rechargable batteries.

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FK Irons - One is a machine with very popular wireless technology whose advantage is easy handling and zero amount of limiting cables.

The burst of energy is provided by a removable Panasonic NCR 18500A battery which is rechargeable.

The machine can work in a wide range of voltages of 5 - 12 V. The machine displays its current value using a color LED indicator which is already well known and proven by the manufacturer. FK Irons - One comes with a new grip design that fits comfortably in hand.

Despite the lower price, the manufacturer did not abandon first-class materials, so even with the FK Irons - One machine you will get a high-quality construction made of aviation aluminum 6061 T6.

The machine thus opens the door to tattooing with high-quality equipment at an affordable price, and is therefore suitable for all levels of tattoo artists, including complete beginners.

Note: FK Irons - One 4,0 mm is great for lining and solid colors. If you use the machine more for shading and realistic work, choose the variant with a 3,0 mm stroke.

The FK Irons ONE is engineered for every step of the tattoo artist’s journey. This accessible, wireless tattoo machine opens the door for more artists to create with high-quality equipment at any stage.

Premium quality. Sophisticatedly simple.
Designed, Engineered & Manufactured in the USA.

The FK ONE also arrives with:

• High-Quality Travel Case with Custom-Cut Protective Foam
• Two Rechargeable Panasonic 18500A Battery Cells
• Dual-Battery Charging Dock


Product Features:

• Wireless Operation with Easily Replaceable, Rechargeable Drop-In Battery
   - Battery Type: Panasonic NCR 18500A Battery.
   (Note: We always recommend using high-quality batteries, such as Panasonic)

• Quick-Twist Battery Hatch & Power Disconnect

• LED Voltage Indicator & Color Spectrum
   (Note: Blinking light indicates 0.5 Volt increment)

• Fixed Machine Body (3.0mm or 4.0mm Stroke)

 • New Ergonomic Grip
   -  Compatible with all modular FK Grips, including disposable
   -  Click grip needle depth adjustment

• Dual-Battery Charging Dock
   -  Charge indicator turns blue once battery is charged.
   -  Use only included power cable to plug in the dock

• Compatible with most, standard tattoo needle cartridges

How to Operate the Quick-Twist Battery Hatch
   - Twist clockwise to close & activate the machine’s battery.

   - Twist counter-clockwise to open battery hatch.

   - Push down & keep twisting counter-clockwise to deactivate battery.

(Note: Cap is shipped in the OFF position)