FK IRONS FLUX MAX Gold Stealth Combo with 2 PowerBolts.

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Flux Max brings you more control, more convenience and more innovation from inside out to take your skills to the max.

This is our first machine with state-of-the-art technology that learns how you like to work, from the type of ink to the tip/needle, the level of pressure you apply and setting choices. It senses, adapts and optimizes for a smoother tattooing experience.

The Flux Max features a new, built-in menu via digital display. All features and settings can be adjusted directly on your machine for maximum control.

Choose settings, apply eGive, read battery life, and select power level in either volts or hertz for improved accuracy. Reaching a new low of 4V/66HZ, select by 0.5 or 0.1 to find your sweet spot. 

- Three Available Stroke Options: 3.2 mm | 4.0 mm | 4.5 mm
- Modular Versatility: The Flux Max is compatible with existing FK Irons grips, Powerbolt batteries, and Killswitch.
- Comfortable, Durable Design
- Dynamic Power Path Management: Get reliable, consistent power levels
- Fully Built-In Digital Menu: Easily read battery life, change settings and power level
- Newly Designed Ergonomic Grip: 38 mm
- Responsive eGive Settings: Choose from three levels of eGive (0-3)
- Built-In Time Tracker: Track time during sessions directly on your machine.
- Changing Power: View in both Volts and Hertz for improved accuracy. Adjust power by 0.1 or 0.5
- Bluetooth Capability: Improved wireless connectivity and range. Pair with Darklab mobile app for alternate setting controls and machine updates
- Detachable Battery: Also compatible with existing PowerBolt and PowerBolt+ batteries
- USB-C port: For best results, use USB-C charging cord included
- Engineered & manufactured in the USA

Technical details:

Machine weight: 205grams (7.23 oz.)
Machine dimensions: 38mm x 126,5mm
Power Supply: 4-12 Volts; 66-199 Hertz
Battery life: Up to 10 hours of battery, commonly around 3-6 hours of tattooing. (charge duration is subject to variation depending on the used voltage, needle brand and size as well as environmental factors such as temperature etc.)
Full charge in 2 hours when used with the included USB-C charging cable.

Due to cross contamination issues, we do not accept returns for this machine. All machine sales are final. The machine does, however, have a 1 year warranty.

Please note! This machine is compatible with most membrane cartridges. Cartridges without membrane may cause ink leakage to the motor. Ink or other liquid inside the machine will void the warranty.
Please note that, like any Li-Ion battery, this battery will also wear down in time and capacity slowly gets lower causing working time to get shorter. This is normal wear over time and is not covered by warranty.