FK IRONS FLUX MAX Anniversary Special Edition W/ 2 PowerBolts II + case. 4mm. stroke.

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Celebrating the 1-year anniversary of our most advanced piece of tattoo technology yet. Introducing the Flux Max: Anniversary Edition. 

Each machine arrives in a personal, red FK toolbox carrying case with custom-cut compartments inside to safely store the machine, extra battery and charger, plus extra space for your supplies and accessories. Each toolbox includes a variety of supplies from our industry friends & partners, including: 

• Recovery Derm Shield Roll (6in. x 72in.)
• Peak Triton Cartridges Sample Box
• A Pound of Flesh Sample Square
• World Famous Triple Blackout 2oz Sample Bottle
• Darklab Disposable Grip Sample
• No-Roll Machine Collar Sample

The Flux Max Anniversary Edition comes in classic Black & Red FK colors, with a splatter design applied by hand for a unique style on each machine.